If you are running an Epicor ERP system that is version 8 or newer, you have the option to be using Epicor Service Connect. This is part of the Epicor Advanced Tool Set, but needs extra instruction because it is extremely powerful. Service Connect is a business integration platform that helps integrate and automate users from mobile workers, to warehouse staff, to engineers on the shop floor, and even customers and suppliers in the value chain. Service Connect can be used as a data conversion tool, the basis for an EDI system, or even an interface to post metrics on a website.
There are several ways Service Connect can benefit you as an Epicor ERP user. One area is it is able to pull information from a non-Epicor application into Epicor without completing a full data conversion beforehand. It allows you to have a full business integration into your Epicor solution with other people not directly on your system. Users will be able to automate tasks and streamline processes to help increase overall efficiency within your business. Epicor Service Connect integrates with EDI supply chain partners using XML, a lower cost alternative to maintaining a full EDI infrastructure.
There are other benefits to employees using Service Connect. Many organizations have users that are spending valuable time on repetitive data entry tasks. Service Connect allows you to add human workflow activities, such as email and other tasks, to your business process workflows. By automating these repetitive tasks, you can reduce your data entry time, as well as errors, all while increasing the speed at which data can be accessed. This workflow creates logs, allowing your processes to be reviewed and tracked. An organization can learn a lot from reviewing their processes and logs. Any steps you can automate or reduce in a multi-step process helps you achieve lean business.
Epicor Service Connect was designed to make integration easy by eliminating the need for complex programming interfaces and extra coding through the use of visual designers to link and map the integration and all the tasks needed to connect the applications. You will need some programming done to allow Service Connect routines to deploy on your system. Once this initial work is done, your organization is free to run Service Connect and gain all the benefits this system can offer you. 2W Tech has expert Epicor ERP Consultants on staff that can help your business evaluate the benefits Service Connect can offer your organization. Please contact us today to learn more or to get Service Connect working within your Epicor ERP system.

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