Although every manufacturing organization should be using or at least on their way toward using the Industrial Internet of Things at this point, the struggle to get a grasp on where to begin with this initiative remains. 

Two givens, like any software you consider using, should be the platform’s ease of use and scalability. The IIoT platform you choose for your shop floor should be intuitive with a short learning curve as well as a seamless fit with your current tech stack.  As for scalability, the IIoT software should be able to scale as you add devices and users. 

Here are an additional five factors you should consider when selecting your IIoT platform:  

  1. Edge computing – This refers to computing that’s completed as close to the data source as possible, including IoT devices. Edge computing is critical because it enables real-time visibility, no matter how many IoT devices your organization has deployed.   
  2. Device management – The Industrial Internet of Things requires the use of IoT devices, including sensors, alarms and other items that may be located inside heavy machinery, on moving vehicles, or in remote locations. The software you select for your IIoT initiatives must have management capabilities that allow you to remotely access and manage these devices.   
  3. Machine learning – The whole reason the IIoT exists is to gather data can be used to improve industrial processes. Make sure your platform can handle machine learning. ML takes the overwhelming amount of data your shop floor produces each day, learns patterns over time, and delivers insights without human intervention.   
  4. Predictive maintenance – This function of the Industrial Use of Things uses sensors to predict when maintenance may be required for industrial equipment. Businesses can prevent costly unscheduled downtime and increase the lifespan of their equipment.   
  5. Real-time data visualization and reporting – Between data visualization and reporting, your organization will experience improved efficiency for quick decision making.   

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