Best Practices for Zero Trust Security in the Cloud


In the past, we have written a great deal about the importance of zero trust security posture for your organization. With so many multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments, zero trust is essential to prevent users and devices from entering restricted areas, even by accident. 

Now that even our workloads are talking with each other, zero trust needs to be extended to cloud-based applications, as well.  

Before you find yourself in a bind, be sure to follow these zero trust best practices for cloud-native applications:  

  • Zero trust workload access controls – Implement these to control the flow of data between individual workload components and external resources including databases, internal applications, third-party cloud APIs and SaaS applications.   
  • Microsegmentation – Microsegmentation allows organizations to isolate workloads based on environments, application tiers, compliance needs, user access and individual workload requirements.  
  • Least privilege access controls (LPAC) – It is important to deny all traffic by default and only allow connections that have been authorized.  
  • Encryption – Encrypt sensitive data so no matter where a threat originates, the data is unreadable to anyone except the legitimate keyholder.  
  • Defense in depth – Monitor and log all changes to policies, including version history. Use a tool that alerts you when a policy that implements your security controls changes and that shows exactly what has changed and how.   
  • Monitor and audit – All traffic on a zero-trust network must be carefully monitored and subject to regular audits. Aim to catch suspicious activity immediately when it happens, and if you do not you should identify it on the next audit review.   
  • Use attribute-based controls – Ensure controls are as granular as possible, using attributes of the user, device, workload, target application and the task at hand.   

It may seem daunting to transition to the zero trust security model on your own, so partner with an experienced IT consultant firm like 2W Tech. We are a technology service provider that specializes in solutions for the manufacturing industry. We have IT consultants on staff that are experts in security solutions. Call us today to learn more about the zero trust security model and diverse ways to ensure your business is protected.  

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