Labor shortages, material delays and throughput declines are some of the byproducts of a worldwide economy shaken to its core for almost two years now. The Industrial Internet of Things can help ease the tension manufacturers feel these days in several ways. 

Some of the many benefits of connecting your manufacturing operations to the IIoT include: 

  • Manufacturing process optimization – Machines and equipment enabled with sensors and managed with Industrial Internet of Things systems can monitor conditions, equipment and workflows.  
  • Predictive maintenance – More than 75 percent of equipment and system failures occur without notice. With IIoT, preventative maintenance incorporates analytics to predict machine failures.  
  • Quality optimization – The Industrial Internet of Things can address problems on the production line immediately and reduce downtime, lost productivity and product defects. IIoT equipment is programmed to monitor the quality of materials, analyze equipment performance in real time, and measure and test finished products.  
  • Better monitoring of inventory and supply chain management – Data analytics, insights and contextual intelligence makes inventory systems run seamlessly, which gives more accurate estimates of available material, the work-in-progress and the estimated arrival time of new materials.  
  • Customer service levels and satisfaction – Sensory-equipped production systems and inventory make it possible for customers to stay apprised of the progress of their orders almost in real time.  
  • Worker health and safety – Intelligent wearables allow managers to monitor the health and safety of production workers by tracking histories for illness and injury, absences, near-misses, machinery or vehicle accidents or life-threatening events like gas leaks.  

The digital transformation has hit fast forward over the last two years. Is your organization keeping up? Either way, 2W Tech can help. We’re an IT Consulting Firm specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. Our IT experts can help you make the most out of your Industrial Internet of Things initiative. Contact us today to learn more.

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