The adoption of cloud services has been on the rise ever since the pandemic shook the world.  SMBs were in a position that most did not have a reason or desire to shift to the cloud prior, but many of their hands were forced when they didn’t have the correct infrastructure in place to handle the shift of their workforce home.  

SMBs had success with their initial cloud adoption, so we are seeing a trend of budgets expanding for new cloud services like business continuity, disaster recovery, Microsoft 365, and remote work enablement. 

Other factors are contributing to SMBs investing in cloud services such as smaller workforces due to the tech skills gap, fears of a recession, and other labor challenges that are straining an SMBs ability to hire and maintain the staff needed to run a successful business. SMBs are having to do more with less which is why using automated cloud capabilities to increase productivity and optimize employee productivity by reducing manual tasks that can often bog down teams.  

SMBs that offer remote and hybrid work environments can both reduce operational overhead and attract talent that may not be willing to consider working for them without. Therefore, SMBs are going to continue investing in a variety of cloud services to put their business in the best position to be successful. Mastering the ability to do more, with less. 

2W Tech is a technology solutions provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. We have a team of IT Consultants that support SMBs and can help your business do more, with less. Give us a call today to start exploring the different cloud services you can adopt.

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