Launching an ERP system can be such a drawn-out struggle that countless companies wait as long as possible before looking into upgrading their software. In the long run, this could cost you time and money in terms of lost productivity and lack of efficiency. If your software is just fine or you are starting to recognize the inefficiencies and expenses that come with your current system, your organization could be ready for an Epicor ERP upgrade.
Epicor ERP 10 ERP System Epicor ERP Upgrade
Often, organizations wait too long to upgrade their ERP systems because they don’t want to spend the money. It is hard for many C-level decision makers to look seriously at long-term investments because many don’t truly understand the value the ERP system brings to the table. And they certainly don’t understand the added-value that each new software release could add to their business.
Epicor took huge strides with product improvement when they released Epicor 10, and these improvements and additions alone should motivate you to upgrade. Considering it has been almost four years since Epicor 10 was released, most people should have the peace of mind that many of the bugs and errors have been removed and organizations are no longer serving as guinea pigs for it. Epicor ERP 10 went through the most vigorous of testing and beta cycles in the history of Epicor Software only to assure the product was of the highest quality and performance.
If your organization is on the market for an upgrade or just want to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of an upgrade for your company’s ERP system, contact 2W Tech for help. We are a certified Epicor ERP partner and would be happy to help you maximize your ERP investment.
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