Now that most the Christmas presents have been unwrapped, many of you are left trying to figure out those new shiny devices you received. Many of us received new personal devices such as tablets and the latest and greatest cellphone. Businesses gifted their employees with new laptops and work phones. Regardless of which type of device you received, there is much to figure out from setting up passwords, choosing apps, configuring your networks, and syncing all your devices together. But with no one else to rely upon to regulate the security of your new device, what should you do to protect yourself?
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Look at the data the device gathers, what it shares, voluntarily and if hacked, and weigh that against what the connectivity is doing for you. Managing your risk is all you can hope for this Christmas, as nothing is ever completely secure, but some degree of connectivity is useful. Considering this is subjectable, there is no right or wrong answer.  If it’s not vital to the operation of the device, think about disabling the connectivity. The more connectivity you have, the more risk you are putting yourself and those you are connected to in.
Do your research. Google can provide a wealth of information if you take the time to find it. Look for “data breach” in relation to the company that might hold data you are being asked to provide. Don’t assume anyone will proactively send a recall notice or security notification, especially if its damaging to that businesses reputation and sales volume. If you are the proud owner of a connected, smart device then learn how to update the firmware. If the device has the capability to automatically update, then make sure you enable it. This takes your forgetfulness out of the equation.
Lastly, if you are using your personal devices to connect to your organizations network, make sure that your IT department is aware of this. They can take steps to not only protect the organization, but to ensure that your device is not vulnerable to attack. It is just as advantageous for them to protect your personal devices, as it should be for you. 2W Tech has IT Consultants on staff that specialize in Security solutions and can be an asset for your organization to ensure your network is secure from data breaches and other outside threats.
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