Cloud or no cloud? Public or private? These are probably the 2 most popular questions an organization ask themselves when deciding if moving their data to the cloud is the right decision for them. Every organization needs to do the appropriate fact finding to decide if and how moving to the cloud makes the most sense. Being in the IT Industry, I have read so many articles and have talked to several people who have their own opinions on the topic. There is one product out there on the market right now that seems to have most people agreeing on its capabilities as far as cloud solutions goes: Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Azure gives organizations the option of using a public cloud. Clouds you can buy commercially are much more secure than ones you can build, not to mention the amount of investment it would take to keep it as secure as a dedicated partner could. Public clouds are hands down more cost effective, scalable, and resilient than private clouds.  Public clouds also provide you with the 24 x 7 x 365 support needed to maintain your infrastructure, freeing your IT staff up to focus on initiatives that can benefit your business.
Othere benefits of using Microsoft Azure:

  • The infrastructure implement various types of technologies and processes to safeguard the environment
  • Eliminates the need for a physical environment, power, heating, and cooling
  • Eliminates the need for future upgrades and migrations
  • “On premises best practices” applies to Azure CSP
  • Allows for strong compute-on-demand and scaling capabilities
    • Scale-up- increasing storage capabilities
    • Scale-out- cluster computers together in an availability set
    • Auto-scale/elastic compute
  • Ability to add and reduce allocated resources immediately and easily
  • Inbound data is free
  • Site point VPN is free

The cloud does however, brings challenges such as the in-depth planning needed to prepare for a migration, the complexity of architecting a public cloud solution and figuring out how it can meet the constant internal demand to reduce IT costs. This is not something an organization should undertake without appropriate support and guidance from an experienced IT Consultant. 2W Tech is proud to be a Certified Microsoft Partner and would love to discuss if Microsoft Azure would make sense as the next step in your journey to the cloud.
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