Azure Databricks is the fast, easy and collaborative Apache Spark-based analytics platform. This platform allows you to accelerate innovation by enabling data science with a high-performance analytics platform that’s optimized for Azure. Databricks is integrated with Azure to provide one-click setup, streamlined workflows, and an interactive workspace that enables collaboration between data scientists, data engineers and business analysts.
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Azure Databricks bring teams together in an interactive workspace. From data gathering to model creation, use Databricks Notebooks to unify the process and instantly deploy to production. Launch your new Spark environment with a single click. Integrate effortlessly with a wide variety of data stores and services such as:

  • Spark SQL and DataFrames: Spark SQL is the Spark module for working with structured data. A DataFrame is a distributed collection of data organized into named columns. It is conceptually equivalent to a table in a relational database or a data frame in R/Python.
  • Streaming: Real-time data processing and analysis for analytical and interactive applications. Integrates with HDFS, Flume, and Kafka.
  • MLib: Machine Learning library consisting of common learning algorithms and utilities, including classification, regression, clustering, collaborative filtering, dimensionality reduction, as well as underlying optimization primitives.
  • GraphX: Graphs and graph computation for a broad scope of use cases from cognitive analytics to data exploration.
  • Spark Core API: Includes support for R, SQL, Python, Scala, and Java.

Databricks also helps you protect your data and business with the Azure Active Directory integration, role-based controls and enterprise-grade SLAs. You get the peace of mind with fine-grained user permissions, enabling secure access to Databricks Notebooks, clusters, jobs and data.
Users can globally scale their analytics and data science projects. You can also build and innovate faster using advanced machine learning capabilities, as well as add capacity instantly. Azure Databricks helps reduce cost and complexity with a fully managed, cloud-native platform. Target any size data or project using a complete set of analytics technologies including SQL, Streaming, MLlib and GraphX.
2W Tech has IT Consultants on staff that are Microsoft Certified experts who can guide you through your Azure cloud deployment and subsequent implementation of Databricks. Contact us today to learn more about cloud solutions.
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