Manufacturing on the Rise with Help of IoT


American Manufacturing has been on the rise for years and future growth is being spurred on by the Internet of Things. IoT will significantly enhance manufacturing by increasing the volume and accessibility of data, at far greater speeds, and far more efficiently than before. IoT will bring significant benefit to Manufacturers which needs to find better ways to streamline processes and use their data. Companies have already started to benefit through cost savings due to predictive maintenance, improved safety, and other operational efficiencies. IoT connects networks of intelligent devices that can enable organizations to break open data silos and connect people, data, and processes from the factory floor to the executive offices. Business leaders can use this data to get a full and accurate view of how their enterprise is doing and improve their decision making.
IoT Internet of Things Manufacturing Manufacturers
There are however, challenges a business can face when implementing IoT and these include interoperability and security. Some types of Manufacturers may run into interoperability between devices and machines that use different protocols and have different architectures. Organizations will need to understand this problem does exist and include a strategy to work through this, it is possible. Companies need to understand the objective of their IoT journey and which systems and processes it will impact. This approach ensures that a secure layer is placed on the connectivity component, enforcing that devices are secured prior to implementing the IoT.  Both these challenges need to be addressed in the planning phase or they could cause headaches down the line.
Designing the correct connectivity solution for Manufacturers requires a detailed insight into the expected outcomes of the IoT solution and the organizations information technology environment. 2W Tech specializes in Manufacturing technology solutions and has experience with planning, designing, and implementing IoT solutions. Give us a call today to get started.
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