Disaster recovery trends are changing at a fast pace, and they will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Most businesses tend to develop an efficient disaster recovery plan which can help them work even in the event of a disaster. Whenever any disaster occurs, the first few minutes prove to be very crucial for any organization. It is during this time that crucial systems crash and businesses risk everything. Disaster recovery trends are constantly evolving and your business needs to be committed to changing with them.
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The following are disaster recovery trends businesses are expected to see:

  • Death of manual recovery. Organizations need IT services to function effectively. If IT services fail or crash, it becomes difficult for the organization to carry out its daily task. Storing crucial information in hard copies is not feasible these days, as the amount of time to recover information from hard copies can mean the difference between staying in business and not.
  • Shorter recovery time for disasters. It is crucial for organizations to develop systems and automated processes so  recovery time is fast. Any disaster that happens should be tackled as quickly as possible. Time is money. The longer any business, the more money the business is losing.
  • Data replication is a necessity. Data storage and replication is the most viable option for any organization that depends on computer systems to operate. Replicating data allows you to store multiple copies of your data in different locations, making it less likely every copy will be damaged or inaccessible.
  • IoT.  When it comes to emergency communications, IoT configured devices have the capability to restore systems in an effective manner. You can simply use the IoT configured devices to be connected to your fire and smoke alarms.
  • Social media. Social media can be your best resort in case of any emergency or disaster. It can help you connect with your friends and relatives in the situation of a crisis. You just need to watch out for fake news.
  • Cloud is the answer. The most reliable and efficient disaster recovery solutions are ones that are run in the cloud.
  • Virtualization. This is the creation of a virtual machine that acts like a real computer with an operating system. Software executed on these virtual machines is separated from the underlying hardware resources and allows a business to access their data in the meantime.

These may seem like simple trends and ones that are already changing the way disaster recovery works. However, many organizations have yet to embrace these trends and take all the necessary steps to ensure their business has the best disaster recovery solutions and plan in place to protect their business in case of disaster. 2W Tech is proud to be an Axcient partner and would be happy to introduce your organization to Axcient’s Fusion disaster recovery solution. This product is ahead of the curve when it comes to the above trends. Give us a call today to learn more.
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