Live Captions Coming for Everyone in Microsoft Teams


In the most recent Microsoft 365 product roadmap, it was announced guest users will soon gain access to the live captions feature for Microsoft Teams on their desktops. Currently, this feature is only available for register users, but some time next month that will change. 

Live captions were introduced last year by Microsoft during the start of the pandemic. This new feature is helping to establish Teams as the number one platform for workplace collaboration. This feature is designed to let all video meeting participants follow the thread of conversation, which can sometimes be difficult when there are a large number of participants.  

Live captions help anyone with hearing impairments or with language barriers, as well as those with poor internet connections or working in a noisy environment.  

Currently, the live captions feature has been gated behind a registration wall, so joining a meeting as a guest via a link provided by the host, would not allow access to this feature. 

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