There was a time when IT and operations technology (OT) could work in their own silos with little to no interactions. With the Industrial Internet of Things here to stay and the ongoing digital transformation, those days are far behind us.   


For those manufacturers still wondering where to begin with their IT/OT convergence plans, 2W Tech suggests using the following factors as starting points:  

  • Shift from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance – Unlike preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance technologies allow manufacturers to collect real-time data from the actual machines affected, monitor for any situation that might indicate a potential equipment failure, and then schedule repairs during planned downtime. Operations collects key data from PLCs, machines and sensors, and IT provides the data analytics and other tools that give the data meaning.   
  • Implement wireless technology on the shop floor – IT and operations can work together to deploy wireless in the factory. IT benefits from cost savings, reduced troubleshooting and increased bandwidth. OT enjoy additional agility, increased quality, and reduced downtime.   
  • Prioritize cybersecurity – IT and OT need to work together to bring cybersecurity to the shop floor without unintentional downtime while preserving the company’s profits.   

Have you started your journey into Industry 4.0? If you need a hand starting your digital transformation initiatives, 2W Tech is here to help. We’re a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. We can help your organization determine how smart manufacturing can be used within your operations. Contact us today.   

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