An equipment or tool breakdown on your shop floor can be very costly and it could put a screeching halt to your production. The top 5 costs of a breakdown include lost production time, possibility of a missing shipment, costs of expedited shipping, bad reviews and word of mouth, and possible lost of business.

Utilizing predictive maintenance with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology can avoid these stressful situations. Today, sensors can connect to your shop floor equipment and can report back information on the state of the machine and production. This allows a manufacturer to get an understanding of what an asset is going to fail or break down before it happens. A sensor has a normal operating range and anything that goes outside the predetermined threshold will set off an alarm and notify of a pending issue.

Sensors collect specific parameters that are important to your business like cycle speed, downtime, and machine conditions. By acting on this information, you can avoid a machine breakdown.

The key to an efficient shop floor is having actionable data. This is an ongoing struggle manufacturers face daily. Trying to streamline their business by increasing productivity, improving quality, and reducing downtime. IIoT solutions in manufacturing allow a business to easily and securely connect to smart devices and gather the data necessary to streamline a business. Identifying bottlenecks in your operations has never been easier.

Using IIoT and data analytics in this digital transformation can be hard to navigate. Let 2W Tech help your business develop your IIoT strategy, decide what type of data analytics solution is the best match for your business, and how to evaluate IIoT solutions overall. We are a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. We are an Epicor Platinum Partner, as well as a Microsoft Gold Partner. Partner with us today and let our experience help guide your journey with the Industry 4.0.

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