Among the many, MANY regulations your organization must follow to avoid penalties from a variety of government agencies, the ones that may carry the most life-and-death consequences are the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). ITAR violations can be harmful to the national security and foreign policy of the United States, and may result in civil penalties, criminal penalties and other costs, including a damaged reputation and the revocation/rejection of your export licenses. ITAR Compliance is essential for defense work.

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To ensure ITAR compliance, the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls strongly encourages registered exporters, manufacturers, brokers and others engaged in defense trade to maintain compliance programs that assist in the monitoring and control of exports and other regulated activities.

If you are engaged in the manufacturing, exporting, temporary importing or brokering of defense articles (including technical data), or provisioning of defense services controlled by the ITAR, you need to know what ITAR requires of you. This will include: 1) registration, 2) maintenance of records required by 22 CFR §122.5, and 3) obtaining licenses or other approvals prior to making exports, temporary imports, or engaging in brokering activities.

Your best bet is to establish and maintain your own compliance program. In designing a compliance program, the U.S. State Department recommends a good program should be:

  • Clearly documented in writing
  • Tailored to your specific business
  • Regularly reviewed and updated
  • Fully supported by management

There’s no need to interrupt your production to attempt to navigate the complicated waters of ITAR compliance on your own. Instead, partner with 2W Tech to help you maintain compliance. We have a Security Compliance Consulting Program that is designed to support our clients’ compliance obligations. We work hand in hand with you to learn more about your required compliances, help obtain proper agreements, and access relevant system architecture information. Call us today to get started on your compliance journey.

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