Is Your ERP System Providing Greater Visibility?


Manufacturing continues to be shaped by Industry 4.0 and the diverse ways technology can transform a business. Most manufacturers adopt ERP systems to increase their overall operational efficiency. One of the most harmful things to a business is software siloes. When you manage diverse processes in one place instead, your operations become much more productive and responsive with less effort.  

Connecting your data and joining your processes is not just the only benefit of a modern ERP system. Switching as many manual processes as possible to automated processes, not only saves time, but it minimizes human error. It also gives your people greater visibility by giving them access to information they could not before readily access.  

Gaining visibility helps businesses: 

  • Achieve things they could not do before, such as identify and fix inefficient processes and increase overall communication. 
  • Collaborate more effectively 
  • Make real-time informed decisions 

Greater visibility adds to overall business efficiency, agility, knowledge, and customer response time. It is key for departments within a business to have access to data from other departments. Without this, your business will never be efficient. 

Visibility of real-time information is a huge issue for most organizations, but Epicor Kinetic can help. It increases flexibility on the shop floor, and thanks to the greater visibility it provides, makes it easier and faster to get products out the door. Interested in learning more about Epicor Kinetic ERP? Let 2W Tech help. We are an Epicor Platinum Partner with over 30 years’ experience working with Epicor solutions. Let our team of expert ERP Consultants introduce the features and benefits of Epicor Kinetic ERP to your business.

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