Time to Leverage a Security Operations Center


Every business is a target for cybercrime, regardless of their size. Larger organizations typically build their own cybersecurity practice in house. SMBs do not typically cannot afford that same luxury. They often just do not have the resources such as money, people, and expertise to build a proper security practice in house. The threats are constantly becoming more sophisticated and simple security solutions are no longer cutting it. While large organizations can fight against advanced attacks by leveraging a Security Operations Center (SOC), SMBs cannot typically afford. How can small businesses achieve enterprise-levels of security without making unreasonable resource investments? Managed SOC may be the answer.  

Think of a SOC as a command center comprised of highly skilled security personnel, processes, and solutions that continuously monitors your systems and network. The goal is to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber incidents before it becomes a larger problem. A managed SOC is an outsourced service that provides managed detection and response. They take over the continuous monitoring to protect organizations 24/7. Real time threat detection and response is typically what is lacking within an organization and causes them to be the most vulnerable to a cyberattack.  

The goal of cybersecurity is to set your organization up to be proactive vs. reactive. The goal with 24/7 coverage is to prevent any cyberattacks from occurring, however there is no guarantee. However, having a managed SOC means you have a cybersecurity partner to lean on if a cyberattack does happen. You can rest assured knowing that your digital assets and devices are monitored all the time, every day, year-round. 

Looking for managed SOC or not sure if this is the best solution for your organization? Let 2W Tech help your business evaluate your security solutions stack and risks and determine what avenue may be best for your business. We are a technology solutions provider and managed service provider. Let our team of expert IT Consultants help ensure your business, regardless of your size, has the best possible protection strategy in place for outside threats.  

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