We are currently in the Era of Industry 4.0 that predicts the more automated work better impacts the performance of the supply chain. Many are predicting the Fifth Industrial Revolution is on the horizon, even though we are only halfway through Industry 4.0. The goal of supply chain 5.0 is to extract the maximum benefits possible from both machines and humans in the supply chain.  

Supply Chain 4.0 is the way which products and services are generated with the use of a mix of disruptive technologies properly interoperable. The main Industry 4.0 technologies IoT, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, data analytics, additive manufacturing, robotics, blockchain, and augmented reality. The Industry 4.0 revolution represents a clear separation between humans and machines. 

Supply Chain 5.0 caters to the increasing demand for product customization and personalization, which requires the right mix of human creativity and machine efficiency. While machines take on the labor of a job, humans can focus on creative tasks and cognitive problem-solving, things machines are not capable of. 

One goal of Supply Chain 5.0 will be to help build resiliency into your supply chain without having to make any drastic changes within your organization or in your customers organizations. The model of combining humans and machines helps companies withstand disruption without compromising competitiveness or profitability.  

Is Supply Chain 5.0 too futuristic to be discussing and considering? The term has been out for about 2 years now, so no it is never too soon to be taking under consideration what it will mean for your business. To meet the supply chain requirements of Industry 5.0, you need to enable seamless human-machine communication. Not sure where to start? Let 2W Tech help. We a technology solutions provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry.

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