Ever since the Epicor Insights event earlier this month, growth has been a topic we have been discussing, as are probably most of the other conference attendees. One of the topics I touched on last week was the role real-time analytics in an ERP system can play with helping your organization grow. Planning your growth as an organization and having the right tools in place to do so on your terms, would be ideal for everyone involved. Unfortunately, many organizations experience unplanned growth and that can be daunting and overwhelming, where as experiencing growth should be a happy time. Anytime a business grows, there are obstacles but when business growth is unplanned, there can be risks involved. In a recent survey by Epicor, senior executives identified four key dangers that they most wish to avoid when growing their businesses:

  • 39% – Loss of intimacy with customers
  • 36% – Lack of management control
  • 31% – Lack of visibility of business operations
  • 31% – Lose focus over product direction

As you can see all 4 of those key danger areas refer to loss and lack. Meaning those organizations are now missing something because of that unplanned growth. Lets take loss of intimacy for starters. One of the reasons small businesses thrive as long as they do is typically because of the intimacy and personalized experience those customers can receive. As an organization grows, they introduce new employees and processes to help manage the relationship. By doing so, the personal experience for that customer is altered. Their approval will only come if the new process and employees can mirror the same customer experience they have always experienced with your business.
None of the 4 dangers mentioned above need to be game changers for your business if your organization is equipped with the right ERP system that can provide clear, real-time visibility into your operations. With real-time visibility, you have more agile decision-making and increased efficiency throughout your entire organization, which ultimately leads to greater response times. Having the right ERP system in place will help lessen the impact the changes due to this unplanned growth will have on your organization. If your organization is planning on growing in the next few years or if your business is already showing signs of increased sales, don’t wait any longer to ensure you are ready. 2W Tech is a certified Epicor ERP Consultant and would be happy to work with your organization to ensure your growth isn’t harmful.

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