A network audit is analyzing, studying and gathering data about a network with the purpose of ascertaining its health in accordance with the network/organizational requirements. It is intended to provide insight into how effective network control and practices are in relation to compliance with both internal and external network policies and regulations.  If someone asked you today to list all your IT assets, would you be able to? Taking that one step further, do you know if all your systems are up and running full speed? A network audit is the process in which your network is mapped both in terms of software and hardware. Network audits are a must for any organization because networks are dynamic entities with their constant changing size and form.
Network Audit Network Assessment IT Infrastructure
There are many IT initiatives organizations are taking on due to the change in the technological landscape. Digital trends such as IoT, big data, and cloud solutions to just name a few, are causing organizations to make changes to the make-up of their IT. Increased outside threats such as ransomware and other cyber threats, are causing organizations to increase their IT security. New regulations and cyber compliances are now holding organizations to a higher standard of controls than ever before. All of these changes are causing major shake-ups in the makeup of networks for organizations.
Before any major change can happen, it is important that you have a network audit done. You need to have a report on your inventory, support, architecture, and security for each and every IT asset. Once you have a network audit, your business will be in a position to make any necessary technological changes. In addition, once you have a baseline network audit, maintaining it becomes easy, and yet necessary.
2W Tech is a full-service ERP and IT Consultant firm. Unless your organization invests in network auditing software, you will need to partner with an IT Consultant that offers this service. 2W Tech has IT Consultants on staff that specialize in performing network audits, as well as providing recommendations from the data it provides.  Give us a call today and let us help you stop and reset your technology.
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