At the core of every manufacturing business is typically an ERP and supply chain management system. To be successful, a business needs to leverage these systems in new and creative ways to enable a connected manufacturing strategy. Your ERP solution is an expensive and long-term investment, so effort needs to go into getting the most out of it. 

To benefit from new and innovative capabilities as they evolve over time, you need to have an ERP system that is flexible, scalable, open, and built with the future in mind.  

2W Tech is an Epicor Platinum Partner. Epicor is the best ERP solution on the market for manufacturing. Epicor enables and drives a connected manufacturing strategy with ERP in the center. It brings together and leverages Industry 4.0 technology advancements pragmatically, when it is right for your business, like when adopting cloud, big data, additive manufacturing, cybersecurity, and more.  

Every manufacturing business has its own unique blend of technology and investments. Using Epicor Kinetic as the cornerstone of a connected manufacturing strategy, a business can gain visibility into their data in uniquely competitive ways.  Epicor Kinetic software can help you achieve better efficiency across the technology stack and across the business with integrated end-to-end business processes. Ultimately, it helps you make smart business decisions faster, with better data that is easy to access and visualize. 

Contact 2W Tech today to learn how you can enable a connected manufacturing strategy to set your factory on a path towards growth and excellence. 

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