Epicor Signature Methodology Provides Hassle-free Deployment


By working with a third-party Epicor Gold Partner and following the Epicor Signature Methodology, there’s no reason your Epicor ERP deployment won’t go as smoothly as possible. The trick is following the methodology as closely as possible. The Epicor Signature Methodology provides a flexible framework to prepare, plan, design, validate and deploy Epicor ERP solutions to customers worldwide. The new five-stage model is scalable based on project size and complexity.

Each stage includes a series of segments that are filled with a set of inputs, tools, techniques and deliverables that all build upon one another to provide better project governance, a collaborative implementation and continuous improvement:

  • Prepare: This is when Epicor Consulting aligns the implementation project expectations with the software suite you are planning to implement.
  • Plan: This stage is the official commencement for the implementation project. It creates the foundation for the whole project and creates the blueprint that lays out system requirements, resources and timelines that are needed to match your business needs and budget.
  • Design: This stage is when your core project team and subject matter experts begin to use the system and document how your organization will use the system to meet your business objectives. You will also begin to configure the system and data. This stage allows Epicor to identify and recommend if any embedded tools or customization would best fit your needs.
  • Validate: The goal of this stage is to better ensure that all business procedures are correctly documented and that the business operations flow successfully through the system. The Validate Stage leverages User Acceptance Testing so end users have validated procedures and their training time is maximized and efficient.
  • Deploy: To kickoff the Deploy Stage, you will work with Epicor to establish a detailed go-live plan that helps organize the critical path to a successful go-live. The plan verifies that the required activities are complete and synchronized with the go-live date. With a proper plan in place, you will help mitigate any potential risks and set clear expectations for what is necessary for a smooth go-live.

The methodology contains built-in sign-off processes to better ensure each party is satisfied throughout the project before moving on to the next group of milestones. It also provides industry-specific business process models and tools to accelerate project delivery and reduce customization. Using a proven methodology grounded in industry best practices is vital for a successful ERP implementation. The enhancements Epicor made to its Signature Methodology back in 2014 have enabled the company to deliver consistent and repeatable deployment results, as well as speed up implementation timelines by using industry-specific business process models. Epicor’s new Signature Methodology helps you get accelerated time-to-value from your Epicor ERP solutions.

Utilizing best practices for properly installing and configuring new software is just as critical to the success of production management and an IT system as choosing just the right software. By embracing the Epicor Signature Methodology, 2W Tech is able to select, implement, and configure the appropriate new software to meet the needs of each specific company. Contact us today for help with your Epicor ERP journey.

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