Enterprise data continues to grow exponentially, making it more challenging for ERP solutions to manage the volume. Epicor ERP offers a robust solution that extracts real-time insights and makes the large volume of data manageable. The key to success is with each new software release, Epicor offers new reporting and analytics tools to help optimize the user experience and improve decision making ability and speed. Epicor reporting and analytics allows for a deeper dive into your data and utilizes both historical and real-time data to make smart predictions.

Every organization is unique and requires their own set of data to make the decisions they need to operate their business efficiently. Manufacturing businesses choose Epicor ERP because it is the most robust solutions available in their industry. This also means that much of the reporting tools are geared specifically towards manufacturers.

  • Active Homepage: Epicor 10.2 introduced us to the Active Homepage, which displays personalized dashboards based on each clients BI requirements. The role-based home page allows you to use business activity query (BAQ) tiles to populate your most important charts and dashboards on a single screen. Epicor Data Discovery, which is the Epicor BI solution, is also hosted here. This dashboard is completely customizable to give you the ability to access your most important information and reports in the fewest clicks possible.
  • Epicor Mattec MES: This Manufacturing Execution System by Epicor gives you complete visibility on the shop floor. Real-time, online trackers provide the insights you need to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), shorten cycle times and reduce waste. It also cuts down on manual data entry to increase accuracy and efficiency. You also have a few choices on which hardware tools you would like to access the information on employees, jobs, materials and more.

2W Tech is an Epicor Gold Partner and has over 30 years experience with Epicor ERP solutions. We understand that your products can only be as good as you make them, so we understand the need to have the right tools for the job. Give us a call today to learn how to maximize the Epicor reporting and analytics available to you.

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