Epicor ERP Operations Core is a set of modules that is designed to help you effectively manage your manufacturing operations.  It enables you to streamline your most important processes of your operations, from processing your orders and managing inventory, to successfully fulfilling your customer demands. One of the modules under the Epicor ERP Operations Core umbrella is the Supply Chain Management Module. 

The supply chain is the heart of your operations and to make the best decisions, you need access to real-time and accurate information. The three key areas the Supply Chain Management Module covers are purchasing management, inventory management and shipping and receiving.  

Purchasing management gives you the ability to create purchase orders and allows you to track supplier performance. You can control detailed line items, change planned destination, reduce inventory levels, improve on-time deliveries, and increase your overall profit levels. There are plenty more capabilities included in this module such as automated part suggestion, details receipt lines, approved supplier process to just name a few. 

Inventory management provides all the main functions needed to update and maintain raw material, WIP, and finished goods inventory quantities and costs. One key functionality of this module is with material resource planning. You can create inventory allocations for jobs enters through Job management or generated from Order Management. Customer Managed Inventory gives you visibility into your customers inventory on hand and allow you to assign it to a job or sales order. On the opposite side of the sale, Supplier Managed Inventory provides visibility into inventory owned by your supplier but stored in your warehouse. As a bonus, this module can also help you monitor your compliance regulations. 

The Supply Chain Management module provides a central application within Epicor to help you monitor shipping and receiving. You can monitor both incoming and outcoming item, whether they are shipments against an order, subcontract parts headed to a supplier, raw material being received from a purchase order to a job or into inventory or filling an order from stock. Imagine being able to go to one central location to manage or perform all items related to shipping and receiving. 

Epicor Kinetic is the ERP system designed with manufacturers in mind. The Supply Chain Management Module is beneficial in helping streamline and maximize the efficiencies within a business’s supply chain. To learn more about Epicor Kinetic or the Epicor ERP Operations Core modules, give us a call today. 2W Tech is a Platinum Epicor Partner with over 30 years’ experience in working with Epicor ERP solutions. 

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