businessmen_team_high_five_150_clr_18367It’s been about 6 months since I first wrote a blog on Epicor ERP 10.1 and it’s features and functionality. At that time, upgrades were just beginning for Epicor 10 users and we hadn’t had too many under our belts. Now that time has passed and more upgrades have taken place, I thought it was a good time to loop back around to it and tell you that Epicor 10.1 isn’t that scary! In fact, I encourage your organization to considering upgrading to version 10.1 if you haven’t already. The much-anticipated version 10.1 of Epicor is now available to all. The upgrade process has been positive with clients and surprisingly straightforward to do.
Despite being a seemingly incremental upgrade over the already widely utilized Epicor 10, the new update includes an all-new mobile framework that many are finding to be a valuable addition. In addition to the new mobile facilities, there are also thousands of fixes and minor changes found throughout the platform. They were able to resolve a substantial number of issues to improve stability, customer satisfaction and ease-of-use throughout the application. This release paid particular attention to expanding the financials capabilities with new and enhanced features such as multiple GL budgets, AR reconciliations, Global COA and incremental consolidation. There are significant new capabilities throughout the manufacturing and supply chain areas such as the introduction of planning contracts for long lead time items, multi-job scheduling and part and configurator enhancements.
Some of the Features of Epicor 10.1 include:

  • Multi-tenant ERP
  • Mobile User experience
  • New “hotfix” process
  • Simplified installation and deployment process
  • User friendly features such as report routing, SSRS report customization and social collaboration
  • Financial Reporting Improvements
  • Business Agility
  • Improved Compliance

Specific improvements for Manufacturers in Epicor ERP 10.1 include:

  • Zero Quantity BOM
  • MRP By Part
  • Multi-job scheduling
  • Planning contract
  • Package control

Epicor made many significant changes from Epicor 10 to 10.1 and you shouldn’t let fear of upgrading stop you from moving your organization to it. This is one of the easiest upgrades Epicor has released, along with being one of the most robust software in features and functionalities. 2W Tech is proud to be a certified Epicor partner and have experience upgrading clients to Epicor ERP 10.1. If you are interested in learning more about upgrading your Epicor ERP system, contact us today and we can start discussing your next steps.

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