Epicor is working to be the ERP software of choice for mid-size manufacturers seeking the digital transformation. The latest version of Epicor software includes Epicor IoT, which is now embedded into the product, as well as EVA, which is Epicor’s virtual agent, which provides the artificial intelligence. Organizations need to be using an ERP system that has the necessary built-in tools to leverage the digital transformation and Industry 4.0. Epicor is working hard to create features in their Epicor software to drive Manufacturing growth and push the digital transformation.

Many smaller and mid-size organizations have been facing limitations due to lack of funds, or lack of human bandwidth to be able to position their organization to leverage the latest and greatest technologies. Installing a product with that technology embedded inside of it, that they can start to use and test to really figure out how best they can use these technologies to their benefit.

Epicor formed a partnership with Microsoft Azure, which since Microsoft had already did most the heavy lifting, opened other ways for Epicor to understand how to integrate that technology within their own product stack. AI and Internet of Things were the first steps Epicor had taken in relation to implementing disruptive technologies into their products.They are also investing a lot of time and money into revamping and overhauling their user interface through the Kinetic Design system. The goal with that is to make Epicor aesthetically pleasing and modern looking to attract the younger generation.

The biggest pain point in Manufacturing is still the issue in replacing their workforce. By Epicor ERP automating things, businesses can do more with less, and we know that AI can take people away from manual tedious jobs, towards more strategic and rewarding ones. Epicor and Azure can help your business scale up as you grow, scale as big as you want to go, while doing it at a price you can afford.

2W Tech is an Epicor Gold Partner, as well as a Microsoft Gold Partner. Epicor and Azure can really change the landscape of your business and help you leverage the necessary technologies to embrace the digital transformation. Give us a call today to see how Epicor can help Manufacturers take their business to the next level.

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