The end of the year is filled with lots of last-minute work and plenty of employee vacation time, which doesn’t make for the best combo. It is easy to let things slide but one item you should not neglect is an end of the year IT audit. There are many advantages of starting the year off with a freshly audited IT environment, many in the area of mitigating IT risks.

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An IT audit can be very helpful proving IT compliance, adherence with company policies, evaluating and confirming access controls and overall security for the organization. Another advantage is defining what you are using for software. This will allow you to check your software license records to find out if you are under or over paying for software. An IT audit can also spot and help rectify performance bottlenecks and other such problems. You can also identify resources that are under or over utilized and make changes to balance the network.

Your end of year IT audit should address all areas related to IT compliance, assets/IT inventory, software licensing and non-compliance related security audits. The core of most IT audits concern security, privacy and data integrity. If you are compliant in all those areas, you are in good shape to tackle the rest. The main challenges are making sure patches have been successfully installed on all relevant systems, operating systems are modern, supported, and have all meaningful updates; logs are kept for tracking relevant events and to define who has done what on the network; access is carefully controlled; and the network is secured through effective anti-malware and other measures. That’s all!

It can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Many IT audits can now be conducted quickly and effectively with appropriate audit software and network tools. Look for a partner that can come in and conduct your IT audit using a solution with auditing and consolidation, real-time monitoring, reporting and remote endpoint management. 2W Tech is a full-service IT Consulting firm that has the appropriate auditing software and tools to ensure you start 2019 off the right way. Give us a call today to ensure your technology in 2019 sets you up for a great year.

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