The decision to upgrade your legacy ERP system should never be taken lightly. There are upfront costs to consider, assimilation to your current business operations, a learning curve for your personnel and a slew of other stumbling blocks to overcome early in the transition process. But the rewards certainly outweigh the risks, especially considering the speed with which technology evolves in today’s day and age. Your business simply cannot idly stand by while technology, and the competition, continues to advance.
Legacy ERP Epicor 10
If a business is considering taking on a new technology or product for the organization, there is a lot of information available to help with the transition. What also must be considered is your current infrastructure and what changes are needed to be able to effectively take advantage of new technology trends. Manufacturers already are taking advantage of technological trends like big data, the Internet of Things and cloud solutions. However, as your business grows and technologies evolve, your legacy ERP system falls behind the demands needed to support daily functions. Legacy ERP systems can cause critical errors in data entry and manufacturing processes, and this works against what modern technology can achieve.
Furthermore, Legacy ERP systems are no longer patched which creates a security threat. Also, why spend money on new emerging trends that can help take your company’s technology to the next level while spending money trying to fix malfunctions in a legacy system? Legacy ERP systems don’t give you the automation of processes that are necessary to protect your company and its data. Epicor 10 already has updated its original version, and with every release, legacy systems fall further behind. Modern ERP systems are designed to help maximize current and sometimes future technology.
As a certified Epicor ERP partner and one of the only partners that still works with legacy ERP systems, 2W Tech can help your business get you off your legacy ERP and onto the newest version. Give us a call today.
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