Benefits to using an ERP Consultant


Just like your car needs regular maintenance, so does your ERP system. If you skip the steps of regular maintenance, you are just ensuring that a catastrophe will happen. Few things are more frustrating than when your ERP software starts functioning poorly. If you’re looking for a quick fix, then those who wrote the software could be the right option. You have an Epicor ERP system, you could turn to Epicor to see if they can help with little bugs in your system or a fast coding query but you shouldn’t expect any more complex advice. Choosing to use an ERP Consultant can offer your business many benefits, both short term and long term.

ERP Consultant Benefits Epicor Gold Partner

Your business’s ERP system and processes will not exactly mirror another businesses. Problems you start to experience with your ERP software could be unique to your system based on the differences in processes, modules, etc. Using the same people for support that sold and set up your ERP system will ensure they know the ins and outs of your specific instance and needs. This often times can save time, which in turn saves money. Some other benefits to using an ERP Consultant include:

  • Easy Service Calls. Whether it is face-to-face or remote access into your system, you have better options than calling a 24 hour a day hotline and speaking to a technician that is not familiar to your business and processes. Testing areas of the system, as well as training employees make more sense for on-site, so don’t settle for less.
  • Business Process Mapping. An ERP Consultant will understand and review your business processes, so they can make recommendations on how to improve workflows and increase productivity.
  • Product expansion. ERP Consultants usually work with other products and services than just the ERP system you installed so they can better recommend or understand what else you might need to help maximize your technology environment.
  • Eliminate Multiple Touch points. How great will it be to make one phone call and speak to a real person that is already familiar with your business and the systems you are running.

There isn’t much of an argument for NOT using an ERP Consultant. The question more becomes which ERP Consultant can you choose. You must choose someone that fits within the culture of your company, has proven success in your industry, and has availability that lines up with your business needs. 2W Tech is a full-service IT and ERP Consulting firm that offers end-to-end support for Epicor systems, including installations, upgrades, maintenance, training, etc. Give us a call today and learn how this Epicor Gold Partner can help!

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