Benefits of Azure Cloud Series: Easier Sign-on and Better Integrations


At 2W Tech we’re experts on how to keep your organization safe and secure when it comes to your IT infrastructure. Most recently, Microsoft has had to adjust to Software as a Service applications, which have become more popular with organizations because they are simple to develop and scale. However, security becomes an issue because: a) employees can’t remember all their passwords, so they begin to write them down or saving them to a file on their computer, or b) SaaS applications are easy to get, so employees start using them on their own, leaving IT departments unaware of their existence and having no monitoring or oversight. For its Azure cloud, Microsoft recognized the issue that organizations are facing with increased SaaS adoption.
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Today, Microsoft offers a solution through Azure with single sign-on (SSO). This is the simplest way to manage multiple apps and provide users with a consistent sign-on experience. The Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) provides a robust SSO solution and has many available pre-integrated applications, with tutorials for admins to quickly set up a new app and start provisioning users. Azure AD allows you to integrate your apps and provisioned accounts by using one of two approaches.
The first approach is for apps that are pre-integrated in the app Gallery, which allows you to go through that portal to set up apps and configure the settings to allow SSO. For any Gallery app, you can get started by following the step-by-step instructions presented in the app gallery and in the Azure portal. If the app is not in the Gallery, you can still set up most apps in Azure AD on a custom basis. This requires more technical expertise to configure. You can add any application that supports SAML 2.0 as a federated app, or any application that has an HTML-based sign-in page as a password SSO app.
To set up single sign-on for an app that you’re bringing into your organization, you will use an existing directory in Azure AD. 2W Tech is a Tier 1 Level Microsoft Partner and has Microsoft Azure Expert Consultants on staff. Contact us today and learn more about Azure Cloud and SSO.
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