Product Configurator is a tool in Epicor ERP that allows users to customize parts based on the demand from the customer, which can be inserted directly into the system. This tool offers freedom and flexibility because of the configuration for on-the-fly parts with lots of optional choices using a simple and straight-forward Q&A evaluation. The responses to these questions are used to automatically build a bill of materials, a routing (“Method of Manufacturing” in Epicor’s terms) along with cost, selling price, and even the creation of new small-part numbers and item records.
Epicor product configurator Epicor 10
As great as they sound, configurators are not meant to be used by every company. Organizations who operate on an engineer-to-order basis and don’t carry their own set of products would not benefit from configurators. However, if your business has hundreds of different options and products, then the configurator is perfect for you.
When properly built, Product Configurator can give so many options depending on the demand within the possible limitation of what the seller can make. Also, Product Configurator creates efficient operations by giving accurate options for the seller and customer in pricing and customization, preventing the choosing of noncompatible options. You should also consider the complexity Product Configurator in Epicor 10. For one, if you have recently just installed Epicor for the first time or are upgrading to a new version of the software, make sure you get comfortable using the new system before playing with the Configurator.
Also, be sure to have an internal team trained on how to use and make changes to the Product Configurator to be successful with it. This is far more cost effective than relying on a third party for every programming change and tweak you need. Configurator 10 uses Microsoft C#(Sharp) language, which is a change from Progress ABL that was used in Vantage 8 and Epicor 9. You must retrain your technical staff on this new language as it greatly varies from what they had been using in previous versions of Epicor.
We here at 2W Tech want to empower you to use the Product Configurator tool as you wish. We are a Certified Epicor Partner and have experience helping clients building their Configurator and training them on how to maintain it, as well. Contact us today.
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