Are You Ready For Cloud Migration?


Cloud technologies are supposed to make businesses run smoother and more cost effective. Organizations can flounder in new technology, and some even less productive because of it. What can your business do to avoid this? Not transitioning to cloud solutions to avoid this from happening isn’t the answer. The solution could be as simple as getting yourself mentally prepared for the transition to cloud. So what does this entail?
One of the talking points when discussing cloud technologies is cost. Anytime that a business owner puts costs before functionality and benefits, bad decisions can be made. The thought process needs to instead be on how the cloud could impact their business and save them money. The cloud should be viewed the same as every other investment, you need to get out of it what you put in. That’s why you should remember the cloud provides your value, such as the ability to work anytime, anywhere, and easier collaboration. Anytime you can boost the productivity level of your employees, you should consider that a business win. Cloud solutions make upgrading and maintaining current technology possible. Therefore, making your infrastructure easier to manage, which makes your employees lifes easier, saving them time and stress.
It is not enough to consider the value of the cloud, you will need to go into cloud solutions with a plan, including what your goals are for cloud. It is not enough to educate yourself on the value cloud can bring, you have to have a plan to achieve that within your business. The time to do that is prior to implementing a new technology. One of the biggest reasons new technologies or solutions fail is poor planning. Once you start the implementation process, you get too caught up in that to think clearly on how to use the solution. Business owners require business plans for what they consider large ticket items, but it can’t just be about price, it needs to be about impact to a business. You want to implement cloud solutions: GREAT! Don’t do that until you properly plan for them and understand what goals they are going to help you accomplish.
The other thing as a business owner to consider before jumping head first into cloud solutions, is the delivery model is different for a reason. Cloud solutions offer new features, updates, and enhancements. To get your money’s worth with cloud solutions, you have to embrace the fact that regular updates are a way to ensure that. Long gone should be the days of outdated software and lagging programs. Cloud solutions are a way to simplify your technologies and also your IT staff’s job. Or maybe you don’t have an IT department, cloud solutions are a way to make working with an IT Consultant an easier task to accomplish.
2W Tech recently announced we achieved Microsoft Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Competency. We have plenty of experience with Office 365. This cloud solutions lets you add users and implement changes in just minutes. Office 365 has a small learning curve, as most its features are intuitive by nature. If you are interested in cloud migration, 2W Tech would be happy to discuss if this transition might be the best for your organization.

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