What's Your Plan for An Internet Outage?


Your business is relying on the internet connection coming into your building more and more, every day.   Certainly email is dependent on it.  But you probably also use the internet to connect to other facilities, off site servers, customers, suppliers, and cloud based applications that are critical to your mission. So what happens when the internet goes down?
Fortunately, internet outages are fairly infrequent and when they happen, it tends to be because of a bad router, or a momentary service glitch.   But the fact is you are one errant backhoe, or inattentive truck driver away from your business going completely to its knees. There’s a choke point in your internet service where in the last mile to final few yards,  the communication backbone of your business is only one wire.  What’s your plan for an extended internet outage?
If your answer is to send all the laptops to Starbucks, you might need to rethink that strategy. The down time cost to a business can be measured in thousands of dollars per hour and the cost of overtime for catching up can be even more.  Fortunately, you have internet all around via cell data connectivity (yes the same connectivity you use to watch YouTube on your phone).  It’s slower than the pipe coming into your facilities, but some connectivity is better than being dead in the water.
An inexpensive failover device that connects directly to your router and redirects internet traffic to a cellular data connection can save you from unplanned downtime.  When your landline internet comes back up, the device simply switches back to the normal connectivity. This product gives you peace of mind that no matter what happens to your internet, you have a backup plan already in place and will automatically activate when needed.
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