What to Expect from Intelligent Infrastructure in 2020


We all have New Years resolutions that are still in place a week into 2020. To keep your organization competitive this year and beyond, make sure one of your resolutions is to upgrade your intelligent infrastructure of your IT systems as quickly as possible. Plenty of advancements have been made between 2019 and today, so time is of the essence so you’re not passed by.

Here are some areas where you can improve your intelligent infrastructure for 2020:

  • IT infrastructure – Infrastructure is not just holding data, it’s generating data. This data can be used to optimize infrastructure performance through automation. While public cloud continues to grow, enterprise data centers still play a key role in most organizations for reasons such as data security and sovereignty, local data access, cost optimization and low latency requirements. Organizations are prioritizing a balanced approach between on-premises and hosted private cloud infrastructure as well as public clouds.
  • Network connectivity – With so many choices for connecting and improving the performance of the network and how it connects to a hybrid cloud environment, it’s advisable to explore all your options. Invest in the appropriate skills for the design, installation and management of your new WAN for optimal performance.
  • Hybrid networks – The rise of the Internet of Things has created a greater need for processing and storage at the edge, which in turn is driving demand for next-generation connectivity like WiFi 6 and 5G.
  • Managed services – Network management operations need to incorporate intent-based networking technologies into their managed services platform to remove operational complexity and break through the traditional silos of the network – the campus, WAN and data center – which have historically been managed separately. In addition to ensuring that infrastructure can support new technologies, organizations will need appropriate automation, operational processes and platforms to manage large scale infrastructure rollouts.
  • Built-in security – The security threat to IT infrastructure continues to grow. Despite ongoing investments in cybersecurity technology, a large proportion of successful attacks can be attributed to known vulnerabilities and shadow IT initiatives. Organizations need to ensure operational governance and discipline in managing their infrastructure to minimize risk, but critically keep security front of mind when designing any piece of infrastructure.

With a regularly updated IT infrastructure, you can take advantage of innovation that provides exceptional performance, security, efficiency, and other benefits to keep you competitive. It allows you the capabilities to meet your current needs and enables you for the future. Contact 2W Tech today to help get your operations up to speed.

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