What Should Your Manufacturing Analytics and Business Intelligence Objectives Be?


A well-planned business intelligence and analytics project should have a main objective to avoid business failure, of course, by using the optimal resources availableDetermining manufacturing analytics and business intelligence objectives that will prevent business failure is no small task, but it’s a necessary step to ensure you’re not just creating reports out of your data that bear no impact on the bottom line.  

For starters, formulate the objectives and determine who the stakeholders are. You can approach the implementation of business intelligence for manufacturing by, for example, gaining more insight into the transition from production to your sale and inventory strategy. You also may want to know whether you are producing in accordance with your internal norms and agreements with sales.  

You also can use BI as a reporting tool for the rollout of an operational excellence program and to support the analysis of yields and waste. Whatever they may be, be sure to formulate your objectives as carefully as possible and implement them in a plan for the medium term.  

The overall goal of your manufacturing analytics and business intelligence is to transition from a collection and display of data and leverage it into real time detection of issues with processes and equipment. In doing so, you’ll reduce costs and maximize efficiencies throughout your supply chain with less overhead and risk. Manufacturing data analytics and business intelligence make those discoveries available to everyone in the organization from the c-suite to the shop floor.  

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