What is the Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Referring to?


Digital transformation is a buzzword that we hear everywhere we turn today. Countless publications and industries are discussing the digital transformation from many different angles. But what does the digital transformation mean for manufacturing?  

The digital transformation for manufacturing is the journey of business process transformation with a focus on enterprise information systems. To truly embrace and find success with the digital transformation, a company must find alignment in investments in technology, business models, and processes to drive value for customers and employees.  

The Digital transformation in manufacturing focuses on: 

  • Improving operational efficiency and reducing costs 
  • Ensuring the quality of manufactured products 
  • Responding faster to the changing market requirements and customer demands 

There are several advanced technologies that are pushing manufacturers along this journey and helping them achieve the above including robotics, additive manufacturing, 3D printing, cloud technologies, big data, analytics, and mobile technologies.  

The future of manufacturing is all about heightening digital connectedness. The Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things are based on these new levels of connectedness through digital, cloud-based integrations between systems and equipment.  

Manufacturers need to invest in modern, innovative technology if they are going to stay relevant and have success with the digital transformation. For help learning about any of the above advanced technologies and determining what might be best for your business, let us help. 2W Tech is a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry.  

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