There has been a cycle with all the different ransomware and malware attacks. A new strand is introduced and we begin to hear about various attacks until someone is able to stop the attack. Then comes a new strand of ransomware and the cycle repeats itself. Recently it was uncovered that the kill switch for WannaCry Ransomware hasn’t been completely effective in killing it.
According to reports, the malware infected the computer system at one of Honda’s manufacturing plants and lead to a complete plant shutdown this past Wednesday. The ransomware was detected almost a month earlier in Honda plants and it took that long for the ransomware to spread and completely lockup operations at Honda. So now the question out there is, was this the intended outcome of the orignal WannaCry Ransomware attack on Honda? Or was this simply a result of Honda not handling the aftermath of this attack appropriately.
WannaCry Ransomware Attack
98% of the machines impacted by WannaCry Ransomware were running a variant of Windows 7, not Window XP like orginally thought. WannaCry Ransomware has been linked to attacks all over the globe, meaning no organization is safe from attack. Even the most sophisticated countries in the world have been unable to prevent attacks from happening on their home turf. Microsoft had patched the underlying vulnerability for all versions of Windows, but many users remain vulnerable, and various strings of malware will continue to surface. Here are some articles that can help educate your organization and help protect yourselves from being the next victim of malware.
Four Tips to Protect Against Ransomware
WannaCry Ransomware: What You Need to Know
Three Phases of Ransomware
Defend Against Ransomware
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