As restrictions for onsite work are rolled back, slowly but surely, across various states and regions, the layers of services that kept businesses in operations are being revealed. One that is destined to stay in place beyond the pandemic is the Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS) business model, which undoubtedly gave countless companies a fighting chance at staying afloat during the shutdown.

We all know by now that Everything-as-a-Service is a cloud computing term for a variety of services and applications accessed on demand over the internet vs. on premises. This model originally started with Software-as-a-Service, which led to Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Monitoring-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Communication-as-a-Service, among others.

XaaS took things a step further by not only offering these and other technological capabilities, but also better efficiency, customer engagement and employee oversight using new, updated methods.

The benefits of XaaS are plentiful, including shifting from capital to operational expenditures on IT infrastructure, greater flexibility and scalability, and access for small-to-midsize businesses to enterprise-grade applications like Epicor ERP and customer relationship management programs that are managed, secured and frequently updated by the service provider.

Also, XaaS can make up for the labor shortage in the IT field. Everything-as-a-Service frees up your in-house IT staff from low-level tasks so they can concentrate on creating and developing new business opportunities. It also lets your existing staff focus on supporting remote workers as they work through challenges of this new reality of their careers.

Utilizing XaaS is a perfect way to get an IT consultant like 2W Tech in your corner. 2W Tech will continually monitor the stability and security of your IT network so you can experience maximum network up-time, increase your efficiency and focus on your core business functions. We leverage artificial intelligence on our remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform to fix issues before they become an actual problem for your business. Contact 2W today for assistance.

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