Understanding the Epicor Certified Partner Program Levels


Like most reputable vendors, Epicor has a certified partner program. All Epicor’s Reseller Partners are full-service partners, providing sales, professional services, and support to customers with Epicor solutions.

Epicor has three tiers of partnership, each of which has varying levels required of dedicated support, customer satisfaction ratings and proven positive results with implementation success. Being a certified partner means a company has met the required criteria set by Epicor.

  • Platinum Partners: The highest partner level that can be achieved. This honor is reserved for those partners that exceed $2.09 million in Epicor revenue annually. Platinum partners also are required to have a higher headcount for specific sales and marketing positions within their business at 14.
  • Gold Partners: The second-tier partner level. This level is only expected to bring in 50% of the expected revenue of a Platinum partner, so greater than $1.045 million. Gold partners are required to maintain 9 specific sales and marketing positions internally.
  • Silver Partners: Minimum partner level. Revenue levels greater than $605 thousand, but less than $1.045 million. Silver partners only have a requirement of 1 product sales/specialist internally.

The Epicor Certification Program defines learning standards, trains participants on Epicor applications, and assesses their mastery of each application upon completion. Epicor certifies their Partners annually, so you can expect them to provide you with the best possible consulting experience and the most up-to-date information. And if you are going to choose an Epicor Certified partner, you might as well go platinum! 2W Tech is an Epicor Platinum partner and we love to broadcast that fact. Why? Because we worked hard to earn our designation! Keep in mind, Epicor updates their partner programs yearly, so this information can vary year after year.

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