There are countless reasons to set up a network monitoring solution for your organization. But what are the key factors you should take into consideration to best optimize your investment in network monitoring? In today’s blog, we list some of these factors to consider before you embark on your network monitoring journey. One thing is certain – network monitoring is not something that should be ignored. 

The troubleshooting efficiency of your network monitoring system ensures optimal network performance and health. Being able to visualize the entire network helps you pinpoint emerging network issues and troubleshoot them easily, regardless of their location. A network monitoring solution that supports network visualization saves IT admins time by eliminating network blind spots and reducing the time required to track down impacted devices.  

Another best practice of network monitoring is to deploy network monitoring solutions that come with built-in reports providing various network performance metrics. These reports provide an in-depth view into your network performance and resource usage trends and help you enhance capacity planning, and view insights in various problematic areas of the network.  

Be sure to centralize your network monitoring processes to avoid the hassle and capability issues of deploying different independent tools. A full-fledged network monitoring solution can easily integrate with other monitoring tools and provides IT operations management capabilities including configuration management and IP address management.  

Network discovery, setting up monitoring profiles for discovered devices and identifying emerging issues are some of the most time-consuming tasks for monitoring complex IT infrastructures. As networks scale, network admins are often challenged to identify, classify and set up monitors for newly added network devices, perform repetitive maintenance tasks and run preset tasks during network faults.  

It’s also important to choose a solution that is scalable and can seamlessly integrate with your existing network infrastructure. As networks grow, they add more users, hardware and virtual environments, and your IT department is tasked with the difficulty of maintaining optimal network performance.  

You can set up your own network monitoring solution, or you can rely on a managed services provider like 2W Tech to keep an eye on your network for you. If you are ready to learn more about managed services and its real advantages and true value, give 2W Tech a call today. 2W Tech has certified IT consultants on staff that specialize in cloud computing and remote monitoring and management solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our services as a managed services provider. 

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