The Biggest Trends Manufacturers Need to be Ready For – Part One


Manufacturers have an enormous opportunity to leverage smart factories and new technology trends to boost revenue, increase safety, and improve processes. The trick to having success with this is being prepared to adopt these trends without hesitation. Manufacturers need to make sure they are current with their infrastructure and their business processes are running efficiently before they will be able to adopt some or all these manufacturing trends.  

Top 8 Manufacturing Trends For 2022

Here are some of the biggest trend’s manufacturers need to be ready for: 

  1. Data, Artificial Intelligence, and the Industrial IoT: We will continue to see an increase with interconnected Internet of Things (IoT) devices collecting data for manufacturing companies to use this data to enhance their processes.  
  2. 5G and Edge Computing: The fifth generation of mobile data network technology will enable manufacturers to easily connect their IoT technology and collect and process data within devices, such as smart machines and sensors. This will cause Edge computing, which brings more of the collection, processing, and storage of data to actual devices, to become more common. Even today, manufacturers can create private 5G networks on premises, which will give them ultra-fast data speeds without the need for cables. 
  3. Predictive Maintenance: Taking preventive measures to maintain the efficiency of machines is going to be very important for manufacturing success. Sensor data can detect when a machine part is about to fail, even in older machines. 
  4. Digital Twins: This trend is a little scarier for old school manufacturers to adopt or even imagine how it can be used. A digital twin is a virtual representation that serves as a counterpart of a real-world, physical process or object. One application could be used to create a virtual replica of equipment on the factory floor, so workers can see how machinery operates under specified conditions.  

How confident are you that your manufacturing business is running efficiently, and your infrastructure is modern? That is step one in getting your business ready to adopt some of the manufacturing trends we have been discussing. Need help, no problem. 2W Tech is a technology service provider specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. Give us a call today and let our business guide you on your journey to modernize your technology landscape. 

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