There are a variety of benefits to be had through smart manufacturing once it is accepted as operational strategy instead of something extra to complement existing processes.  

The connectivity that comes with smart manufacturing allows machines to communicate with each other in the factory via a machine builder, or an OEM. With the information gathered by sensors, smart machines recognize changes in upstream products and processes and adapt to dynamic operating conditions. Smart manufacturing also provides predictability, giving manufacturers a better forecast of a machine’s performance in the field based on digital simulation technologies. Smart manufacturing also extends the life of your machines with predictive maintenance and adaptive performance.   

Smart manufacturing reduces time-to-market and development costs through improved planning, faster validation of production alternatives and growing operational efficiency and manufacturing performance.   

The smart manufacturing methodology provides a fully IoT-interconnected environment where every factory machine, system or database derives insight from data using a low- or no-code interface. Teams can respond to issues in real time through a smartphone or tablet remotely, keeping operations efficient whether people are on the floor or not – a must have with unpredictability caused by the pandemic.   

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