The Azure for Operators portfolio by Microsoft is a tailored collection of services and solutions crafted for the telecom sector. Its purpose is to update and generate revenue from network infrastructures, drive forward innovation, and boost expansion. This portfolio includes specialized services and features that leverage Azure’s cloud infrastructure to enhance and support the operations of network systems. It focuses on aspects like edge computing, network function virtualization, and the integration of AI and analytics to optimize network services and operations. By offering these tailored solutions, Azure for Operators showcases Azure’s ability to address the unique challenges and requirements of the telecommunications industry.

Below are the primary components of the Azure for Operators portfolio:

  • The Azure Operator Nexus is a platform currently available for public testing that offerSos a robust hybrid cloud setting tailored for carriers. It facilitates the streamlined handling of essential telecom and business functions.
  • Azure Operator Insights, currently in the public preview phase, provides analytics and monitoring with near-instantaneous feedback. This solution assists operators in refining network efficiency and improving service offerings.
  • Azure Operator Service Manager, also in the public preview stage, simplifies operational processes and aids in the effective management of services for operators.
  • Azure Communications Gateway: This generally available solution enables seamless communication across networks and services.
  • Azure Operator Voicemail: This function is in private preview and enhances voice communication experiences for operators.
  • Azure Operator 5G Core and Azure Private 5G Core: Solutions designed for 5G network functions to offer scalability, security, and flexibility.
  • Azure Sphere: A secure platform for building and deploying IoT devices, providing connected systems robust security.
  • Azure IoT Operations: This solution, designed for managing IoT deployments, simplifies devices management and the handling of data.
  • Azure Stack HCI: A hyper-converged infrastructure solution designed to make operations more efficient by combining compute, storage, and networking.
  • Azure Operator Call Protection: A service that helps operators combat unwanted calls and protect subscribers.

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