Strength of IoT and 5G Create Potential for Physical Attacks


As technological advancements with the Internet of Things and 5G evolve, there are new opportunities for cybercriminals looking beyond extracting sensitive data or causing other digital chaos. Insurance companies are beginning to offer coverage for physical damage stemming from cybercrime. This is a result of the IoT and 5G taking control of more physical assets.

For example, a smart building management system has the capability to control functions like sprinkler systems, elevators, CCTV, HVAC, storm protection and various security systems. And these systems can be vulnerable to attack since they’re typically housed on a single centrally managed system.

This is especially true in the manufacturing sector. In manufacturing operation technology environments, the tech used to keep things factories, power plants and machinery operational are designed with legacy software that can’t keep up with today’s cybersecurity sophistication.

There have been instances of physical attacks through digital means already. As long as the connectivity between operational technology and information technology grows, the potential for cyberattacks will increase, as well.

Potential targets extend beyond traditional brick-and-mortar assets and the machinery within them, as well. Just about everything imaginable is outfitted with some connected technology, ranging from cranes to excavators and every piece of heavy equipment in between. And this type of equipment can sustain physical damage.

Considering the number of IoT-connected devices throughout the world is expected to increase to 43 billion by 2023 – almost triple the devices in 2018 – there’s no time like the present to protect your organization. 2W Tech’s Consultants boast decades of experience in cybersecurity and the manufacturing industry. Contact us today to partner with us to protect your organization as you continue your digital transformation.

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