You can add the International Traffic Arms Regulations to the list of regulations that have eased up on certain mandates as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Back in February, the Department of State’s Office of Defense Trade Controls Policy announced suspending, modifying and expecting certain ITAR Regulations.

These exceptions are:

  • As of Feb. 29, the State Department issued a temporary suspension, modification and exception to the requirement in ITAR parts 122 and 129 to renew registration as a manufacturer, exporter and/or broker and pay a fee on an annual basis to extend ITAR registrations for two months from the original date of expiration.
  • As of March 13, ITAR licenses and agreements expiring as of May 31 will be extended for six months from the original expiration date so long as there are no changes to the name/address, scope or value of the authorization.
  • Also as of March 13, there is a temporary suspension, modification and exception to the requirement that a regular employee work at the company’s facilities, allowing such individuals to work remotely. Additionally, regular employees of licensed entities who are working remotely in a country not currently authorized by a technical assistance agreement, manufacturing license agreement or exemption, can access, send or receive technical data that is authorized for export, reexport or re-transfer to their employer via a TAA.

For these specific situations, the employee must not be located in Russia or a country listed in ITAR 126.1. These two provisions end on July 31.

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