SNAKE: Your Newest Ransomware Threat


It’s been a rough couple weeks for Windows 10 users, and even more so for Microsoft. Just on the heels of them discontinuing support for Windows 7 and pushing the Windows 10 upgrade, they were hit with some major security threats. A new security threat is once again staring down Windows users and security patches can’t help you. A very scary new malware has been unleashed, and not only does it encrypt your files, but it leaves users and admins with no backdoor access. If you email or download frequently, you are the target of this new type of ransomware attack they’ve dubbed SNAKE.

This ransomware sneakily infects systems and encrypts files without the user’s knowledge. The next time the user logs on, it demands a ransom in exchange for access. But unlike other ransomware attacks, SNAKE slithers a bit deeper into your system and disables remote management.

Up until this point, remote management has been the safeguard against ransomware. With remote management disabled, there are no longer any backdoor methods to access a compromised system.

SNAKE cleans your system of all files but the hacker offers 3 files back as evidence they are in possession of them.  These files are decrypted as proof that they’ll unlock your system if you pay.

SNAKE is a very sophisticated, custom-designed piece of malware and as of right now, there is no fix or patch for it. Which means, prevention is your only option. If you are not 100% sure of something emailed to you or on a web page, DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT. Never provide personal information to any entities online, or let them convince you to install anything you’re not intimately familiar with.

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