Apple, Google, Microsoft and other technology companies have been rushing to address issues related to the Krack (Key Reinstallation Attack) Wi-Fi security vulnerability. This Krack Wi-Fi security is a flaw that puts any person using wireless internet at risk of being hacked. WPA2 is the standard that almost every Wi-Fi uses, and up until now, it was considered the most safe and secure. A hack of this nature puts everybody and every business at risk. The hack has infiltrated handshaking or the process a device goes through connecting to wireless internet. Simply put, the hackers pretend to be you. Hackers can launch cyberattacks on a user when connected to Wi-Fi, giving them access to a user’s credit card details, passwords, emails, messages, photos and other personal data.

“Microsoft released security updates on October 19 and customers who have Windows Update enabled and applied the security updates are protected automatically,” the company said in a statement. “We updated to protect customers as soon as possible, but as a responsible industry partner, we withheld disclosure until other vendors could develop and release updates.” Apple has worked on patches for developers, but has yet to release anything to its users. Same for Google.
Security researchers have described the security flaw as “unprecedented” in its scope, as we have never seen Wi-Fi at risk before in an attack of this nature. All Wi-Fi users should take measures to protect themselves and their devices from hackers. However, they say that it is still up to the major technology companies to issue their own solutions to properly address the problem. User awareness will play a big role in protecting themselves in the meantime. You should avoid public Wi-Fi networks and websites that don’t use the secure HTTPS protocol. Any available security updates should also be installed to devices and routers to best protect users from the Krack security bug.
The same principles of protection hold true for Krack as it does for any form of Malware and Ransomware. Make sure your security software is up-to-date and that you have the appropriate amount of security to cover your entire business, as well as your personal technology as well. If you are unsure if your data and networks are protected, give us a call today. Any minute you delay, could be the different between an attack and not. 2W Tech is a Certified IT Consultant that specializes in Security Solutions and can help ensure you are protected.
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