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With the release of Epicor 10, reports became a popular topic for many Epicor users. Epicor made the switch in platform for their reports and this caused users to need help with the conversion from Crystal reports to SSRS reports. Even before the switch though, reports that are produced within your ERP system are always not exactly what you need. Any organization that implements an ERP system for the first time isn’t focused on reports at first. It takes many, many months for an organization to get up to speed on how to properly use an ERP system and to get your business to stop using other methods of reporting instead. After you get your entire organization on board with using the system, the next step is figuring out how to best use the system with customers and suppliers. This is usually when reports become an issue.
Epicor ERP systems offer many reports to its users. These reports serve their purpose, but why settle when you can have more than just ok. Take example the Bill of Lading Report, there is blank white space in the header, why not use this to add your company logo to make your report look more like yours. Maybe you want to make a simple change such as adding packing slip numbers on the report. There is also no legalese on the report to protect and define your shipment. As your business grows, you need to take measures to protect your business. Adding legal terminology will become not a nice to have, but instead a must have. Again, Epicor ERP offers a BOL report, but why not take what they offer and make it better.
Epicor ERPs standard Purchase Order has extra additional blank, white space in the header address section. The extended line price is not displayed, and if you have multiple miscellaneous charge lines, the description of the charges are repeated on each line of the Purchase order. Finally, the Purchase Order Line Subtotal is multiplied by the number of miscellaneous charge lines. The report functions, but there is definitely room to improve.
It might sound like I am being picky when it comes to Epicor ERP reports. Of course I am! 2W Tech has been an Epicor ERP partner for a long time and have been asked so many times for help with reports. We just launched an online Report Store that offers prebuilt customized reports designed specifically for Epicor ERP systems. All reports include logo placement, installation help, and other specific customizations to your liking. If you can’t find what you are looking for, just ask. We can customize anything to meet your needs. Don’t settle for anything less than what your business needs. Find out more about customized Epicor reports and how 2W Tech can help you.
Visit our Report Store here.

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Epicor ERP 10
Epicor ERP 10.1
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