No Need to Choose One Service over Another in Microsoft Azure


Oftentimes, companies have felt forced to place their applications in platform A or B, relying on rigid or outdated solutions for modern problems. In a recent blog, Microsoft detailed the A+B approach that the myriad of services available in the Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud give organizations for their specific applications.  

As organizations transition to the Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud, they do not have to choose between A or B platforms to run apps. Azure makes it easy and cost effective to take the A+B approach. This approach means instead of limiting your organization to a predetermined service, you choose the services that best meet your application needs.   

Through this mindset of A+B thinking, users can:  

  • Select the right tool for the right job instead of force-fitting use cases into a predetermined solution 
  • Innovate and go to market faster with greater agility 
  • Accelerate app modernizations and build new cloud-native apps by taking a modular approach to picking the right Azure services for your apps 
  • Achieve greater process and cost efficiencies, as well as operational excellence; and  
  • Build best-in-class applications tailored to your organization’s needs 

Even with this A+B approach, managing your Microsoft Azure spend and usage is not an easy task. 2W Tech can help. We are a Microsoft Gold partner who can help you with your Microsoft Azure needs. We are also a technology service provider who specializes in solutions for the manufacturing industry. Contact us today to learn more about Microsoft Azure and what it can do for your manufacturing operations. 

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