Mobility is Key for Remote and Hybrid Work


The concept of remote work setups for organizations of all kinds continues to move away from an obligation to keep employees healthy during a pandemic toward a way of recruiting and retaining top talent from a much larger labor pool.   

As largescale adoption of remote and hybrid work emerges from its infancy, these environments will look and feel different for every organization across a variety of industries. Mobility is key, but what does that mean for your business?  

Some common traits for companies utilizing remote work include:  

  • Access – Information mobility could include anything from customer data in a CRM system to company files, client documents, company apps, and more. However, every industry and organization have different rules around data access and different tools for enterprise search.   
  • Relocation – For companies with offices in different states, offering workers the opportunity to relocate can be a huge competitive advantage in the battle for recruiting and retaining talent during The Great Reshuffle.   
  • Career opportunities – Mobility within the hybrid and remote work setup also can mean upward mobility, expanding career pathways to earn more and learn new skills. Though mobility through remote work can open opportunities like this, many employees miss key opportunities to be “present” –they may multitask during meetings, keep their camera off, etc. These moments are critical for upward mobility within the remote and hybrid work environments.   
  • Flexibility – Mobility offers a chance to try new ways of working while looking back at what has worked well in the past and how to improve tried-and-true methods of employment.   

Where does your company stand with its IT needs for this shift to a hybrid work environment? If you need help, 2W Tech is ready to partner with you. We are an IT consultant specializing in solutions for the manufacturing industry. Contact us today to get your hybrid office and remote work setups in working order. 

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